Recovering an Understanding of Art

When it comes to art, especially sacred art, we don’t know what we don’t know. 

In the article linked below, Catholic artist and author David Clayton writes about the collapse in art education and the resulting fruits we see around us every day, even in our churches. He also provides a detailed description of how sacred art “works,” and what we need to do to recover a genuinely Christian approach to art.

What’s a “Catholic” Education?

But is a Catholic school really just an excellent public school? Is that all Catholic education now amounts to—secular success?

Paul Krause

As St. Mark parishioners know, we have for some time been pondering the future direction of the parish, and one possibility that has come to the fore is to build a school on our campus. And not just a Catholic school, but a classical Catholic school.

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Art Instruction for Kids

Children are naturally interested in making art, and of course this should be encouraged. In fact, basic art skills such as drawing should be a part of a well-rounded education. Many well-known artists first learned to draw in school. 

Catholic artist David Clayton provides a valuable perspective on art education for kids (or anyone, for that matter):

The Advent Wreath

So far, we have focused mainly on beauty in the Liturgy. But we don’t want to neglect the Domestic Church. There are so many ways we can bring the true and the beautiful into our own homes. Below is a link to a fun and informative article on Advent wreaths from the Liturgical Arts Journal; where they came from, the various colors and configurations, etc. 

Let us know your own Advent wreath traditions in the comments!