What’s a “Catholic” Education?

But is a Catholic school really just an excellent public school? Is that all Catholic education now amounts to—secular success?

Paul Krause

As St. Mark parishioners know, we have for some time been pondering the future direction of the parish, and one possibility that has come to the fore is to build a school on our campus. And not just a Catholic school, but a classical Catholic school.

Why are we considering this? Are we just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest boutique trend? Not at all. Rather, we recognize that there is a deeper and more lasting purpose behind education that has sadly gone missing, not just from public schools, but even from many of our Catholic schools. 

The article by Paul Krause in Crisis Magazine (linked below) expresses the concerns of parents and students that something crucial has gone missing from contemporary Catholic schooling and points us in a better direction.

5 thoughts on “What’s a “Catholic” Education?

  1. I do not think there are enough young families who would support another school. Douglas County has many choices for parents to choose from.


    • Thanks for the comment. We will see. The diocese is starting a feasibility study to assess the need for a school in our northern deanery, which will include the housing developments west of Santa Fe.

      This is just anecdotal, but we are getting a very positive response to the idea. There are a number of good schools here, but the nearest Catholic classical academy is nearly 10 miles away at Our Lady of Lourdes. This type is school is really resonating with Catholic families right now, and I think it could be an attractive option. But it’s up to God, and we will pursue only the avenues He opens up.

      — Steve J.


  2. I love this idea and fully support it! Our world needs more of the truth and thank you for seeing if this is a reality!!


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