“Liturgy Wars”: Isn’t There a Better Way?

The article from The Catholic Thing linked at the bottom provides an interesting perspective on the ongoing conflict over the two forms of the Latin Rite Mass, a conflict sometimes referred to as “the Liturgy Wars.” 

This unfortunate battle involves a small but vociferous minority of Catholics who have only hardened their positions since Pope Francis issued Traditionis custodesWhether you’re a partisan in these “wars,” or merely a bemused bystander, we should be able to agree on one thing: this is NOT the way forward for Christ’s Holy Church.

At St. Mark, we have worked very hard to avoid the “Liturgy Wars,” celebrating the Mass in a reverent, traditional manner, but also according to the reforms called for by the Second Vatican Council (not the “reforms” some imagine the Council wanted). We also regularly offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass on certain weekdays (with the bishop’s permission!), for those who draw spiritual strength from this venerable tradition. 

For us, it’s not a case of pitting one group of Catholics against another, or one pope against another. We simply want to do what the Church asks us to do. Our approach is detailed in the video we produced last year, “The Liturgy at St. Mark.” If you haven’t seen it, we think it’s worth ten minutes of your time. Watch it here.

Why can’t we all take this approach?

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